McArthurGlen is Europe's leading operator of Designer Outlets – translating the luxury fashion shopping experience to digital. Home to 900+ of the world's leading brands in over 20 designer outlets around the world. Our challenge was to create an online presence to match.
Being the Lead Designer on the account for over three years I was involved in creating a wide range of digital products ranging from multilingual website & mobile designs, Apps, campaigns, mobile applications and email marketing.
Being tasked to bring consistency across a networked ecosystem of 20+ websites in seven countries and eight languages we delivered a high increase in database subscribers, website traffic and Facebook fans.
For the App the strategy was to provide an interactive store guide plus all relevant Designer Outlet information inside one tool to replace the out-of-use printed guides. Challenge was to consolidate a system that would work across Mobile, Desktop Browser and Tablet viewports for service stands in the outlet stores.
In addition during the course of a year, we have created seven major campaign lead HubPages associated with Homepage takeovers and accompanied with email marketing.
Framework for 20+ Designer Outlet
Consolidate structure for 900+ shared brands
Dedicated country and global website
Dedicated corporate website
Modular website for new outlet developments
Store guide with multiple viewports
Campaign lead HubPages
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