To increase the pace on the digital transformation of the group we introduced the change from Sketch to Figma. This allowed product teams to focus entirely on experiences, rather than making components pixel perfect. We also fixed on of the long-lasting flaws with all our products: in-consistency. We created a scalable design system, which needed to be able to work across multiple brands and different viewports. The ecosystem advanced to colleague and customer experiences in parallel using tailored versions of the same components.
It contained more than 50 components to be applied on 5 responsive templates, all designed and built to be WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant and improve the efficiency in almost 100 journeys.
The final outcome allowed teams to design with speed creating pixel perfect designs from reusable lego block components – 'just' drag and drop components into pre-defined Auto-layout templates while the whole page expands and contracts as each component is edited. Less documentation was required since manually determining the spacing was something the designer didn't needed to worry about anymore.
It also found recognition with Figma advocates: “One of the best design system seen that is built to a gold standard”.
Component libraries
Journey patterns & rules
Personalised Backlog (within Figma)
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