The new Colleague Assistance Tool (CAT) helps colleagues to assist customers with their Financial Wellbeing. Multiple legacy softwares and tools not aligned with each other caused a daunting and lengthy process for the colleague to assist the customer in need, which could lead to unfair outcomes.
The tool was created from the ground up to allow for the most flexibility in adjusting the user flow within current processes. Ultimately, we were able to create new product solutions to provide better support for the customer.
I was the lead designer in this Agile project. We first created an MVP and iterated on expanding features with continuous user testing. With overall increased functionality and better insights into what the colleagues want and need, we created the release 2.0 of the tool to provide a better architecture and user experience to support for future growth of the journey, all backed up by a comprehensive Design System.
From an MVP with a rigid architecture and linear user flows to a scalable framework that supports a fluid journey.
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